New!!! ~ The 2017 Reappraisal of all real property in Shelby County is currently underway!!

2017 Reappraisal notices will be mailed to property owners beginning February 21 through April 20, 2017. See the 2017 Reappraisal Notice Mailing Schedule for the expected mailing date for your area.

Property owners who disagree with their new values should initiate an Informal Review through our website by clicking on 2017 ONLINE INFORMAL REVIEW below under "Helpful Links" or contact the Assessor’s Answer Center at 901-222-7001 before the date listed under “Questions to Assessor By” on the notice.  For those property owners who disagree with the results of their Informal Review, they may file an appeal with the Shelby County Board of Equalization beginning May 1 through June 30, 2017.

The deadline for business owners to file their 2017 Personal Property Schedule was March 1, 2017.  A property owner who failed to file the Schedule by the March 1 deadline will receive a Forced Assessment and must file an appeal along with a completed schedule to the Shelby County Board of Equalization (SCBoE) in order to adjust that assessment. The SCBoE will accept appeals beginning May 1 through June 30, 2017.

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