Sales Data for This Property

Parcel ID: 028040 00062
Property Address: 36 MORNINGSIDE PL
Owner Address: 36 MORNINGSIDE PL
Owner City/State/Zip: MEMPHIS, TN 38104

Date of SaleSales PriceDeed NumberInstrument Type
05/05/2011$850,000 11051444 SW
03/26/2009$850,000 09036582 QC
08/01/2005$1,325,000 05126613 WD
10/05/2001$1,300,000 LL0776 WD
05/10/1999$0 JK8668 QC
03/24/1998$275,000 HH3287 WD
06/04/1996$3,000 FX2333 QC
05/30/1996$7,500 FX0048-E WD
05/30/1996$7,500 FX0048 WD
05/30/1996$0 FX0047 WD
01/01/1994$0 DF7071 WD
12/17/1992$0 CV6348 A
12/15/1992$180,000 DF7071 WD
12/14/1992$0 DF7070 QC
03/13/1992$3,490 CV6351 WD
02/19/1992$7,500 CV6349 WD
02/17/1992$2,490 CV6350 WD
09/13/1991$0 CU8614 UN
09/12/1991$0 CK4564 A
02/19/1988$0 4778 L
10/19/1985$0 X22345 A
11/01/1983$31,025 U72857 WD
05/02/1982$23,700 S89923 WD
05/01/1982$0 2567 L

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