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For better results, consider these helpful hints when using the Property or Sales Search. If you still cannot find the property you are searching for, please Email us at the Assessor's Answer Center.

If you're searching by Street Address

Instead of searching for a specific street address, search only for a specific street:
Type Cherry instead of 5050 Cherry

Type in only the first part of a street name if it could be considered two words.
Type Collin instead of Collinwood

Leave off any pre or post directional information:
Type Parkway instead of East Parkway or E. Parkway

Avoid keying street suffixes such as Cove, Lane, Road, Blvd or Street
Type Poplar instead of Poplar Avenue
Type Estate instead of Estate Drive

If you're searching by Owner's Name

Please remember that the Assessor must list the ownership of each property as the name(s) appear on the recorded instrument of transfer.

Type in the last name and only the first initial of the owner's first name. (If a husband and wife own property jointly, the husband's name is usually listed first.)

You may also type in the first few letters in the "Last Name" field if you are unsure of the proper spelling of the owner's last name; you do not need to type in the first name to yield results.

Searches are case insensitive; it does not matter whether you use lower or upper case letters.

If you're searching by Parcel Identification Number

The Assessor's Parcel ID number ranges from 10 to 14 characters in length. If you cannot find the property you are searching for with the Parcel ID search, please try the Street Address search.