Community Information Resource

In an effort to expand the Assessor’s Web site as a community information resource for Shelby County citizens, you may now search for Shelby County records relating to Property Tax Freeze Parcels.

By clicking on the links listed below, you will access a PDF file displaying the related records. You may search the PDF file by name by clicking “Edit” under your navigation tool bar and select “Find” and type in the last name and first name in the text box and hit Enter. For multiple records of the same name, select the icon labeled “Find Next.”

Shelby County Tax Freeze Parcels
Displays Shelby County Tax Freeze parcels and base assessment amounts

Memphis Tax Freeze Parcels
Displays Memphis Tax Freeze parcels and base assessment amounts

If any information is incorrect or not found using these PDF search features, please contact the originating agencies listed below:

Shelby County Tax Freeze Information Shelby County Trustee
City of Memphis Tax Freeze Information City of Memphis Treasury