Assessment Calendar

January 1ST

  • Tax year begins; Assessment date: ownership, assessment and tax maps are to be completed as of this date.
  • Personal Property Schedules and mobile home forms are mailed.

February 28TH

  • Last day to pay the preceding year’s county taxes.

March 1ST

  • County tax bills become delinquent:
    Delinquency date for the preceding year’s county taxes: taxpayer may request reasonable cause hearing before the State Board of Equalization (SBOE.)
  • Personal Property Schedule due.
  • Deadline to apply for Greenbelt.
  • Mobile home forms should be returned by this date.

April 5TH

  • Deadline to apply for tax relief.

April 20TH

  • Shelby County Certified Tax Roll due.
  • Prior to May 20, the Assessor must make the assessment records available to the public; notices shall be printed in a newspaper of general circulation referencing the day that the county board will convene and the last day of appeals will be accepted.

May 1ST

  • Shelby County Board of Equalization begins accepting current tax year appeals.

May 20TH

  • Assessments should be complete and change notices mailed; deadline to apply for exemptions.

June 1ST

  • City of Memphis mails annual property tax notices.

July 1ST

  • Tax rate for Shelby county should be set in July by County Commissioners.

August 1ST

  • General deadline for appeals to the State Board of Equalization is August 1, or within forty-five (45) days of the date that the notice of the county board action was sent.