How are appraisal values calculated?

Appraisal value is based on these key factors

  • A property's use (such as home, business, vacant land, etc.)
  • A property's characteristics
  • Location
  • Square Footage (total living area)
  • Age (year of construction)
  • Quality of Construction
  • Amenities (such as bathroom count, garage, carport, vaulted ceilings, etc.)
  • Current market conditions (determined by sales in the immediate area over the past three years.)

To determine the market value of a property, a team of skilled and professionally trained appraisers:

  • Visually inspects all properties to ensure that the Assessor's records reflect actual characteristics. (These inspections have been performed throughout the past three years.)
  • Reviews and verifies market sales, cost and income data according to accepted appraisal practices.
  • Completes market analyses using the CAMA system, comparing properties of similar size, age, location, and description.
  • Establishes appraisal values that reflect current market conditions as of January 1, 2017.