Can I Amend a Previously Filed Personal Property Schedule?

Tennessee Code Annotated Section 67-5-903 (e) provides that a taxpayer may amend (correct) a timely filed personal property schedule that has been accepted by the Assessor as filed at any time on or before September 1 following the tax year. A personal property schedule is timely filed if filed on or before March 1 of the applicable year.

A timely filed personal property schedule that has been adjusted by the Assessor may not be amended. The taxpayer may appeal the Assessor’s adjustment to the Shelby County Board of Equalization pursuant to TCA Section 67-5-1407.

A personal property schedule may be amended for the following reasons only:

  • Adding or deleting of property to correctly reflect the status of the property as of the assessment date;
  • Correcting the reported cost or acquisition year of property;
  • Correcting the name or address of the taxpayer;
  • Deleting property that has been reported more than once resulting in a duplicate assessment;
  • Reporting property in the appropriate group;
  • Correcting other reporting clerical errors.

Under no circumstances may a taxpayer amend a personal property schedule to submit an original claim for nonstandard value for property that was not the subject of a properly documented claim of nonstandard value in the timely filed personal property schedule.

The deadline for submitting an Amended 2017 Personal Property Schedule to the Assessor is on or before September 1, 2018.

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